We thought of the multiple wash needs that exist in the industry, in services to the community and in their free time. In all these applications, a precious commodity like water is wasted and contaminated, posing a problem of environment and cost, over that of legality. Thus it was born Hydrobay, the modular washing station that allows you to collect and recover waste water. its modularity makes it transportable, flexible and economical. A range in constant evolution, because there are many applications in which it is intended.


The Hydrobay system consists of bays or modular flooring and by decantation and filtering systems. The appropriately filtered water can ‘be reused several times, disposed or fed into the network, depending on the type of washing and filtering.
A preliminary examination will allow us to offer the right solution to specific problems.
The advantages? No masonry, investment cost savings, reduction in disposal costs. Hydrobay is designed to be a modular flooring. The base module has dimensions 3000 × 1500 mm and is expandable up to a size of 6000 × 9000 mm .. It ‘also possible to realize the perimeter walkways to increase the working basis.
2 are proposed various types of floorings. With a raised load-bearing structure and the other consists of a containment tank and trampling footrests.
In the application function it is also applied a decanting system for filtering and recovery of water. 

What can you wash with Hydrobay?
The modularity of the system allows washing of wash from the mechanical parts to whole vehicles. In particular, the stations are used in:
– Dry bikes, motorcycles and ATVs
– Dry gardening machinery and agriculture
– Dry lift trucks and earth moving
– Dry vehicles
Our technicians will evaluate what is the right system for your needs.
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